New Podcast!

I created SCRIPTED, my original TV Writing Podcast in 2017, as a limited seven episode podcast, in an effort to help new writers learn about TV writing. Listen to This ANNOUNCEMENT!

Fast forward to 2022

I’ve decided to launch a new podcast, HOW TO WRITE TV. I’m going to try to capture the feeling of being in my university classes. It should be fun, it will be simpler to produce, and I can get you the content you need on a regular schedule. In fact, the podcast is now LIVE!

If you subscribe to me email list, I’ll send you my free ebook, The QUICK START GUIDE TO TV WRITING STRUCTURE.

Subscribe to the new PODCAST at

In fact, here’s the Trailer:

I’m also setting up a section on this website that will include this new podcast as well as the old!

Thanks! Keep Writing!


I teach  television studies at a major University in Portland,  Oregon, and am a veteran of many writers rooms, having written professionally for shows including  Designing Women, Evening Shade and Nash Bridges.