Scripted: A TV  Writing Podcast, is the brainchild of me, Thom Bray.

I teach  television studies at a major University in Portland,  Oregon, and am a veteran of many writers rooms, having written professionally for shows including  Designing Women, Evening Shade and Nash Bridges.

This podcast is an effort to broaden the reach of information to those people who love watching TV, and would like to understand how it’s written.

But I want it to be more than that–I want you to participate–to try writing yourself.

The PODCAST has two parts, and each of them require a subscription:

SCRIPTED: The TV Writing Podcast is the version you may find helpful if you’re interested and want to explore what it would be like to write for television. This podcast is fully produced and is told in monologue, infotainment style. Fun to listen to.

SCRIPTED: FIRST DRAFT, is an extra podcast that is much more like a college lecture. More nuts and bolts, more in depth. Short episodes, specific topics. COMING SOON.


TEACHABLE SEMINARS: Eventually, for those who want real, in depth study and some one on one mentoring, I plan on launching a series of affordable seminars through Teachable. I hope to have these going by the summer of 2017.

Between the two podcasts, you should have a full menu of information to get you going, and the seminars will hopefully be helpful if you don’t live in Portland to take one of my university classes, but would like further study and practice.

Writing TV is probably the most exciting art form around.  At least, that’s what this old TV writer thinks.

Please subscribe, let me hear from you, and above all – – write.