ep#006–Sitcom Structure

EP #006– Sitcom Structure

In this, our sixth podcast episode, I discuss the basic six beat Sitcom Structure.

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EPISODE #006–Sitcom Structure

RUN TIME about 17 minutes

The show is divided into four parts.

PART ONE: The Story

  • That which holds things together

PART TWO: The Topic of the Week.  

  • SitCom Basic Structure, in 6 Beats:
  • 1. The Problem Is Introduced
  • 2. The Problem Becomes Complicated
  • 3. the Promblem EXPLODES
  • 4. The What To Do Scene
  • 5. High Comedy Scene
  • 6. Resloution.

PART THREE: Your Questions

We normally take questions here, but this episode I’m announcing that I’m the process of preparing two online TV Writing Seminars at TEACHABLE.COM.  Please follow this link to keep track of when the classes will open.


Have a question for me about TV WRITING? Send it to me at:

TV writing podcast at Gmail.com

I’ve got it all spelled out for obvious reasons: I hate spam as much as you do!

PART FOUR: Your Homework

Here’s your homework:

  • Watch Sit Com, and look for the 6 beats


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