ep#007–Hour TV Genres

EP #007– Hour TV Genres

In this, our seventh podcast episode, I discuss the basic genres of Hour TV.

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EPISODE #007–Hour TV Genres

RUN TIME about 13 minutes

The show is divided into four parts.

PART ONE: The Story

  • What is Genre?

PART TWO: The Topic of the Week.  

  • Basic Hour TV Genres
  • 1. Crime Shows
  • 2. Legal Shows
  • 3. Medical shows
  • 4. High Concept Shows
  • 5. Relationship Shows

PART THREE: Your Questions

What kind of script software and computer do i need?

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PART FOUR: Your Homework

Here’s your homework:

  • Choose a few genres of hour TV you like.  Find shows in that genre, and watch them. What are the tropes? Now create your own, and write a series premise logline.


Hybridization can make things seem fresh!


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